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Architecture for the Blind: Intelligent and Inclusive Spaces for the Blind User The design of spaces for people with visual disabilities is an important issue when it comes to talking about accessibility.

Universal Design Model Ordinance

Architects who adopt the principles of universal design understand that Read More. This is not only a consideration for seniors but also for younger people who want to stay Ice sledge hockey player and three-time Paralympian Uehara Daisuke commends the strong How to Design an Accessible Kitchen: Adjustable and Multifunctional Furniture Universal accessibility in architecture refers to the capacity that all people have to access and inhabit a space regardless of their cognitive and physical capacities, and it is a subject Universal design hits home for all Utilizing Universal Design, interior designer Kendall Ansell and team were able to create a home that would be accessible for Jenna Reed-Cote, who has been in a wheelchair all her Designing a More Inclusive Detroit For Residents, Old and New Stephen Henderson speaks with three people who have spent a lot of time thinking about how to design a better future for all Detroiters Universal Design Increases In Style, Availability and Luxury 87 percent of adults age plus want to stay in their current home and community as they age They met a new set of challenges there The best built environment is an inclusive one, designed for ageing and disability Home modifications can help delay institutional care, creating benefits for the individual, the taxpayer and the healthcare system The Universal Design Living Laboratory serves as More and more objects are now becoming connected to smart devices—washing machines, Function of Future Housing For an Aging Population A National Building Museum exhibit explores the need for housing that is not only more affordable for future buyers, but will address the needs of an aging population.

Technology and function This ballooning number of seniors will impact industries as diverse as health care, technology, Planning to Age in Place?

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The great majority live in single-family homes, most of them poorly suited for the disabilities common in So thinking long term about universal design and the ways it can help us remain at home across all No place like home for aging peacefully Aging-in-place solutions are rapidly becoming one of the high-demand sectors of the remodeling industry.

But a contractor's knowledge and training are critical to achieving a working solution At the end of the LifeHouse tour, the sisters explained UD principles to the participants.

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Since then, Susanne has gone on to build more homes at Newport Cove, and the original LifeHouse model was donated to a wounded warrior. The ramp and the curbless shower are the two features that are more labor intensive and expensive, she says. The biggest challenge in creating a UD home, builders say, is the accessible or no-step entry.

UD gives you the choice of whether you want to [have to] move or not. Photo: courtesy manufacturer. Some consumers want UD and will pay extra for it.

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Planning and incorporating UD simplifies the sales and building process. Yes, the hallway is wider, but the risk of calling it out is too great. So builders focus on the positives. You can carry two suitcases down this hall.

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  6. You can wash your dog in this shower. You can roll a stroller right into this house. You should be able to have options that fit your needs, no matter where you want to live. This may actually be happening. The no-step shower is a huge design trend, as is the open floor plan. With virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, and other tech tools to help us live better, technology is literally opening doors—and turning on lights, heating up ovens, and adjusting thermostats. It will eventually become the norm.

    Are we on the verge?

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    Statistics alone may push UD from a profusion of names to something that can be nameless and ubiquitous. Some municipalities are already taking up the challenge by offering incentives to builders or credits to homeowners who retrofit their homes. Nobody likes regulations, but they could help change attitudes. He is a principal at New York-based Hollwich-Kushner and a proponent of aging in place.

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    Everyone is going to get older. As architect Charles M.

    Schwab, principal of Lifespan Home Design, in Davenport, Iowa, points out, the health care system and Medicare are also changing. In-home care costs less than hospitalization. More people will need help in their homes, and universally designed homes—along with individualized accessibility features—will be important for caregivers helping people live in their homes.

    Stacey Freed writes about design and the built world from her home in western New York state.