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If You're an Educator Additional order info. Overview Contents Order Overview. The author demonstrates loads of real-world code and makes it available for download. The result is a book that helps you not just tinker with JavaScript but to thoroughly comprehend it. This choice has to do with the so called progressive enhancement and unobtrusive JS that Larry Ullman clearly explains in his book.

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The following sequence diagrams show this approach in action. The form submitted by the user will be validated by the server-side PHP script named login. If the validation check passes, the server will log in the user, otherwise the server will return the errors to the user for correction. Thanks to JS and Ajax, this user experience can be improved a lot.

A better solution is to perform a client-side validation using JS, which bring us to the second sequence diagram. If the client-side i. But if the client-side validation does not pass, we do not need to make a round-trip to the server and we can immediately return the errors to the user.

But we still have some problems. The client-side validation cannot check if the username is registered. This bring us to Ajax and the third sequence diagram. The user experience has now been much more enhanced. The Ajax call communicates with the server e. In this tutorial, we are going to limit ourselves to the client-side validation scenario without implementing the server-side validation or the Ajax call to the server. We will implement those in subsequent, more advanced tutorials.

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The JS validateForm function gets email and password ids from form input and verifies that both have a value. The validateForm function returns true if the validation passes, false otherwise. Now let's write some CLJS code. Create the file login. As you can see, this ported code defines two functions: validate-form and init.

I dove deeper in Node. In the past, you would need other languages to develop great mobile applications, like Objective-C for iOS or Java for Android. This means that you can use mobile devices features, such as the camera or localization to build JS-powered apps.

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Once again, this opened mobile app development to a more significant number of developers who no longer need to learn a new language. Not only this, but the use of JavaScript in mobile apps even opened up new possibilities to make them even more performant.

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  4. Combining the best of the web and the best of apps, PWAs improve reliability, performance, and engagement. They enable impressive new functionalities such as offline navigation. Aforementioned frameworks like Vue. You should check it out! Developers can use JavaScript to fetch data from other sources and display it on their own site. One concept that is more promoted than ever in web development is modularity—using different tools to execute specific tasks.

    Learn more about APIs and how they work in this piece. Client-side execution of the logic brings faster user experiences. With the code running directly in the browser, the need for server calls is abstracted, hence a cut in loading times. Since the very beginning, JavaScript has brought user interface interactivity to the web. It now does the same for applications of all kind, helping to develop the most engaging UX. Today, frameworks like Vue. JavaScript is behind any good responsive web design. More and more, developers need to adapt their design across multiple browsers and devices.

    For developers, JS is easy to learn and fast to get into active development.

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    Its syntax is easy and flexible for newcomers. Bloating your projects with JS will do you a disservice in the long term as it will eventually cause performance issues. The way to avoid this is to insert JavaScript only when necessary and not shoehorn it everywhere like we might tend to do.

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    The thousands of packages that constitute the JS ecosystem allow developers to work quickly without reinventing the wheel for each new task. Now, I want to leave you with a reflexion on what we should expect for near future of JavaScript. JavaScript is ever evolving, and so is its ecosystem. I personally think the future begins with less new tools being created and the big players getting more mature and gaining major adoption. Same at other levels where tools are built on these frameworks. Gatsby, Next.

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    This superset of JavaScript is being adopted massively by the community because it allows JS to scale better. The future holds many things in the tech world that will no doubt have an influence on frontend development, such as Artificial Intelligence or the Internet-of-Things. JavaScript will have to adapt to these new realities.