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Standard Handbook Oil Spill Environmental Forensics - 2nd Edition

Such cases can become extremely protracted as expert witnesses provide their sometimes conflicting interpretations of environmental measurement data and their meaning. It is in this context that environmental forensics is developing as a specialism, leading to greater formalisation of investigative methods which should lead to more definitive findings and less scope for experts to disagree.

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Now a significant subject in its own right, at least one journal devoted to the field and a number of degree courses have sprung up. As a result of the topicality and rapid growth of the subject area, is the publication of this book - the 26th volume in the highly acclaimed Issues in Environmental Science and Technology Series.

This volume contains authoritative articles by a number of the leading practitioners across the globe in the environmental forensics field and aims to cover some of the main techniques and areas to which environmental forensics are being applied. The content is comprehensive and describes a number of the key areas within environmental forensics - topics covered by the authors include: - Source identification issues - Microbial techniques - Metal contamination and methods of assigning liability - The use of isotopes to determine sources and their applications - Molecular biological methods - Hydrocarbon fingerprinting techniques - Oil chemistry and key compound identification - The emerging role of environmental forensics in groundwater pollution Additionally, the volume considers specific pollutants and long-lived pollutants of groundwater such as halocarbons which have presented particular problems and which are described in some depth, as well as the way in which chemical degradation processes can lead to compositional changes which provide valuable information.

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The book provides a comprehensive overview of many of the key areas of environmental forensics written by some of the leading experts in the field. It will be both of specialist use to those seeking expert insights into the field and its capabilities as well as of more general interest to those involved in both environmental analytical science and environmental law.

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Environmental Forensics: Impacts on Human Population

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Introduction to Environmental Forensics

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Environmental Forensics (Issues in Environmental Science and Technology)

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Standard Handbook Oil Spill Environmental Forensics - Fingerprinting and Source Identification 2nd Edition Details This book provides to users with the latest information on the tools and methods that have become popular over the past ten years. The book presents practitioners with the latest environmental forensics techniques and best practices for quickly identifying the sources of spills, how to form an effective response, and how to determine liability. This second edition represents a complete overhaul of the existing chapters, and includes 13 new chapters on methods and applications, such as emerging application of PAHi isomers in oil spill forensics, development and application of computerized oil spill identification COSI , and fingerprinting of oil in biological and passive sampling devices.

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