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But the heart is arguably the most important muscle in the body.

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To help educate the public about heart health and share the latest scientific advances, this month Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute SBP invited the San Diego community to a free panel discussion focused on the heart. More than 70 community members attended the event, whose speakers included cardiologist Anthony N.

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DeMaria, M. View clinical references. Contact Mayo Clinic Laboratories Support to order.

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Plasma ceramides predict cardiovascular death in patients with stable coronary artery disease and acute coronary syndromes beyond LDL-cholesterol. Eur Heart J. Prevalence of conventional risk factors in patients with coronary heart disease. Heart disease and stroke statistics update: a report from the American Heart Association.

Cling to our unchanging God, who offers the hope you need. The feelings of grief over the passing of a loved one can overwhelm us. But we must never forget that Jesus's love and comfort will never, ever leave us. As the church becomes increasingly affected by the secular viewpoint on divorce, let the Author of reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing present a different view.

Understand better the fusion of love and power that took place when Jesus died and rose from the dead, why there was no other alternative, and why it makes all the difference today.

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Life comes at us hard sometimes and throws us curves we don't expect. Find words of comfort here that pertain to the personal struggles you're currently facing. Find out what you should know about the end times, and what, if anything, you should do to live out your faith in the midst of these turbulent times.

Yet God can use even real failure to do His mighty work in and through us. There are various kinds of forgiveness, some being much harder than others. But all are essential if we want to maintain a close, unhindered walk with our Lord. Acquaintances come and go throughout our lives, but one who becomes a treasured friend is worth holding onto. Learn the qualities and benefits of true friendship.

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This list provided by Paul is a great place to start in seeing if the Spirit controls our thoughts. There are many names for God, but He still remains mysterious. Yet He delights when we seek to know Him better for He knows how the pursuit profits us.

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It would be nice to see God's will for your life laid out before you. Or would it?

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Find out some of the ways God reveals His will and how better to seek it. Tapping into the wonders of God's grace will make the difference between ho-hum religion and an intimate relationship with a God who wishes us nothing short of joy. Understanding the Holy Spirit's role in your life as a Christian is crucial. Stop traveling by foot and instead board the jumbo jet of His transforming power!

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Do you know about God, but you're not sure that you know Him personally? Find answers to your questions, and if you are a believer, find help in sharing your faith with others. Overburdened by your responsibilities? Taking life a bit too seriously these days? Step away from the news headlines for a spell and concentrate on the lighter side of life. Let yourself laugh! Studying the geography of Israel sharpens your understanding of biblical events—and may make you want to join the thousands who have made the life-changing journey to the Holy Land.

Jesus easily stands as the most influential person in history.

Even today, millions call Him Savior. What was it about His short time on earth that shook the world so? Being a leader always comes with its challenges! Find strength and guidance to help you become the godly, wise leader God can equip you to be. How are Christians supposed to stand out from others in our culture? By how much we love each other and seek out those, overlooked by others, who need love badly. Our world's temptations continually assault couples who are seeking to maintain a committed, faithful marriage. Receive God's wisdom on how to get through the rough times. Receive some heart-to-heart advice geared toward the difficulties and challenges unique to men and the pressures they feel in today's fast-paced, permissive culture.