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Its project, titled Insta Novels, has attracted more than , readers, Fast Company reports. The NYPL first experimented with publishing the full texts of public domain books in August of last year. It knew that simply copying and pasting the words wouldn't be enough to grab its followers' attention. To convince people to tap to the next slide, it had to take advantage of the platform's strengths and create an appealing reading experience.

The Trouble with “Heart of Darkness”

The result was Insta Novels. The first slide is an exclusive "cover" illustration that entices users to read on. The actual "pages" features words in a pleasant font Georgia against a cream-colored background that's easier on the eyes than plain white. There's an even a "thumb rest" in the bottom-right corner of the slide where users can hold the screen until they're ready to move on to the next page.

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

Subtle animations added at the start of new chapters and throughout the text bring the stories to life in a way that conventional ink-and-paper books cannot. The experiment was a success: Throughout the last half of , hundreds of thousands of followers viewed the slides. While you're waiting for more literature in your Instagram feed, check out these apps designed to make your phone time more productive.

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His blend of science fiction and politics and his irreverent writing style helped him become both one of the most admired and most censored writers of all time. Now, as Smithsonian reports, a museum and library dedicated to Vonnegut's life and legacy is reopening in his hometown.

How It All Goes Down

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library initially opened in Indianapolis in , but closed earlier this year due to space constraints. Continue your study of Heart of Darkness with these useful links.

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SparkNotes users wanted! Heart of Darkness by: Joseph Conrad. Get a copy of Heart of Darkness at BN.

Heart of Darkness

COM Buy Now. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. When Marlowe signs on to take this voyage, he sees a couple of old women knitting in the corner. They give him the heebie-jeebies.

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Then, when he gets to Africa, he meets a dude wearing starched, formal clothing despite the heat. He's deeply weirded out by this fancy-pants guy and by the camp in general—and things haven't even started to get nightmarish. Marlow realizes that the Africans are kept as slaves, and many are dying from the brutality of the conditions.

These Africans, he realizes, and "not inhuman. As the bureaucracy of The Company moves at a molasses-like pace, Marlowe becomes entangled in a power struggle within The Company—middle management is trying to climb the ranks, and being especially slimy about it. He also starts hearing tell of a mysterious figure named Kurtz, a mad agent who's rumored to have become both a prisoner and revered as a god by the indigenous population living further down the Congo.

In fact, the more he hears about Kurtz, the more obsessed Marlow becomes.

Who is this Kurtz? Why is he such a powerful figure?


Why does everyone seem to either idolize him or loathe him? Finally, after delays due to a broken-down or possibly vandalized steamship, Marlow is on his way to meet the enigmatic Kurtz.