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You shoulda got all that good fucking out of the way before making a commitment like this. Even more you know the texting should have never even happened and this wouldn't be a problem. But the damage is done and you can't Un fuck him or forget what it was like. So you need to reach within and figure out will you be able to stay faithful knowing you can be better pleasured elsewhere. My advice cut the young guy and spice up your sex life at home. Use toys, porn, new positions, sexting, or even adding someone. Wow everyone is beating this gal up!!!!

Like givina and then saying nope you cant eat it anymore. My point is she would not be posting it asking for help is she did not realize there is a problem. My advice is if you want to keep your family and live in the bubble then you need to call this off ASAP and change you phone number.

Also go seek professional help to on the best way to deal with the new set of guilt and urges. I would sugguest flipping the table and maby spicing up your sex life at home with new things. Just my 2 cent I was once happily married for 15 years. I'm just going to get straight to the point.

I'm still alone, and broken hearted as well. I can't face the world knowing that she was with one of my close friends that did business with me and now that business closed down because of her actions. This is not surprising. Humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. So you liked him in first sight it's normal. But there are coupe of things I want to mention. Nothing can help you more than you.

Cheating wife and her lover discuss her cuckold

No text gonna change your mind here. Because we are just writting. But on otherside it is happening to you. You are getting addited to that guy. And then there will a time come when you'll have no interest in your husband and children. If you let this happen. Then Let me mention some realities. First You know there's a big difference between your and his age. So that's for sure he's never going to marry you. He's just using you as a human sex toy. But you are emotionaly getting attched to him. Second you have kids. If you let this happen that guy will be getting over your thoughts.

And you'll start misbehaving with routine and your kids needs. And in result. You'll be losing control and respect over them. Because even they'll know what's going on. Even they are kids. Because they are kids of humans not animals. No matter how hard you try one day. The truth will come out. And in result you'll your husband.

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Your kids and above all trust and dignity. And that guy is not gonna own you. And you'll end up in a same loop. Now after this all. The decision is yours. Just think according to you age level. You're 35 years old grown woman not a 22 years old childish mind kid. If you don't care about anything and just love what is happening. Don't care about kids and husband and life. But if you think as a grown person. And don't be selfish. And don't want to lose a good life with your kids then. Please Stop. SEX is not everything darl. Life is more important your respect is more important.

So only you can save yourself. Good Luck. Tough crowd. Anyways, I get where your coming from. I really do, and I know how you feel because I've been having issues as well. I think right now you need to make a decision. Army guy or your family. If you choose your family, cut it off completely with army guy.

Come clean to your husband and look into counseling. Not just couples but individual as well. I seriously think it is ok, as long as you just see this guy for sex and have no feelings for him, other than lust! I hope you sffer a long and miserable life I hate being lied to and would rather she tell me she had goten banged by two guys at once in colledge than pretend to be consistantly Virginal, and so far when she has spoken about her past sexual experiences she has spoken the truth, And what more can a relationship be based on than love, Truth and mutual respect!

Amanda sweetie, just keep fucking the 22 yo. If it's the best sex of your life you deserve to get all of his huge cock you can take. Soon he will be off to the Army and you will regret not doing everything you could! Has it only been straight forward sex? I am 37 and have fucked 5 guys who are between 21 to They have all been really good at fucking and knowing neither of us want anything else makes it so much fun! After I had been fucked by 2 of the young men, I met the 3rd one. Jim has a larger than average cock and he was very dominate in bed.

The things he had me do, I never, ever thought I would do. He is the closest I ever came to getting caught. Let's just say after he took my anal virginity which was absolutely amazing I didn't realize how much it would hurt the next day. I was very sore and my husband wanted to know what was wrong.

I made up an excuse and after a few more questions he let it go. I remember all that day whenever I felt the pain I would instantly get horny and wet. Clearly none of you bitches is married to an alpha male cuz alpha males don't Marry bitches like you. That cheat are called betas cuz they are weak minded.

Lol lmao. Me and my wife are laughing at the chick amanda. I'm 28 and 37 is old as fuck lol. She is sloppy. Women don't know how to fuck a man back that's why they cheat. You have to leave your "boy toy" behind you have kids for god sake and a husband the works hard for you just leva this affair while you still have a chance.

A lot of comments here. And it's a "great" 10 years? Then why are you cheating? If it's just for the sex, it never crossed your mind to talk with your husband to see if you could spice things up? Great relationships are worth saving. You've trashed your relationship, and trash gets thrown away.

To the above comment unfortunately her husband can't grow a bigger dick and that's what she going for. She obsessed with the boys size.

Lol yo alpha male I've seen your comments on quite a few posts and let's face it your no alpha male. You sound so stupid it's not funny. You ain't getting chick's like that. I'll shove my 10 inch black dick in your mouth so fast. Your not an alpha you don't know what the shit your talking about. You ain't getting no chick's man stop lying to yourself. Lol hahaha man please. A real man does what he does. A real man doesn't let another man tell him what a man is. A man decides for himself what a man is. Who are you. Any man trying to tell another man what a man is is a pussy.

And your a pussy. Come see me bitch. I mean. Were fucked We fucked We aint gonna make in. Your conscience has already spoken to you regarding the right thing, but your allowing the lust of your loins to overtake a good conscience. That's all there is to it. Want to Cheat I cheated on my boyfriend I cheated on my husband I cheated on my girlfriend I cheated on my wife My boyfriend cheated on me My husband cheated on me My girlfriend cheated on me My wife cheated on me I was the other man I was the other woman Order by. Subscribe to Stories:. Thank you for voting.


Please, share this story:. Read More Stories in This Category. Saturday, April 2, AM. Saturday, April 2, PM. Here are the possible outcomes: You continue to cheat and do not get caught. Sunday, April 3, AM. Sunday, April 3, PM. Tuesday, April 5, AM. Tuesday, April 5, PM.

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Friday, April 8, AM. Kill yourself slut! I hope this dude dies in the army. Saturday, April 9, PM. Sunday, April 10, PM. Tuesday, April 12, PM. Wednesday, April 13, PM. Thursday, April 14, AM. Friday, April 15, PM. I can't believe the unfaithfulness of people nowadays. It's absolutely sickening. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing this. I honestly could not imagine doing something that would tremendously damage my relationship. Good luck with you situation. I hope it all works out somehow. Saturday, April 16, PM. Sunday, April 17, AM. Monday, April 18, AM.

Even more you know the texting should have never even happened and this wouldn't be a problem But the damage is done and you can't Un fuck him or forget what it was like. Wednesday, April 20, PM. Wednesday, April 27, PM. Saturday, April 30, AM. I'm thinking this guy also has a few other milf's on the go besides you, after all, your not always available to him are you? So he is using you and the others and possibly a girlfriend ho he is lying to. His life is wrecked when he is sen with you or one of the others and you worry bout your life?

Sunday, May 1, PM. Tuesday, May 3, AM. Wednesday, May 4, PM.

Accidental conversion to big black cocks | cheating story from hugecock | An Erotic Story

Wednesday, May 11, AM. Friday, May 13, PM. Wednesday, May 18, AM. Live and fuck all you can. Wednesday, May 25, AM. Hope he gets you pregnant! That would be so hot! Hope he gets you pregnant. Wednesday, May 25, PM. Thursday, May 26, AM. Saturday, May 28, AM. All of these stories have something in common : the husband is often great and often the one who afford the wife often a happy marriage the lover is often muscular, tall and sexy Women don't need one man but two : a weak man to afford money and being malleable a alpha man to satisfy their natural urges.

Tuesday, June 14, PM. Then You can ask your husband to share You with this guy. Tell him If he will agree then You will bring Him a girl. This may actually save your marriage. If things go perfectly, your Boyfriend might move in. Certainly He will be able to bring women over for your Husband to Fuck. Thursday, June 23, PM. Friday, June 24, PM. Saturday, September 17, PM. Thursday, April 27, AM. Tuesday, June 27, AM. Saturday, July 1, AM. Wednesday, June 13, AM. Email not shown :. I was the other woman. Cheating wife Milf. Cheating wife Ebony Amateur Milf. Old dad cheats on wife by having fun with her cute daughters.

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The Loveologist Guide to Cheating: Secrets to Why People Cheat and How to Prevent Cheating

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